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26 April 2011



Now get ready for Safi`s `Jasoosi Duniya` series in English

Mumbai, April 26, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) Not many are familiar with the name Ibne Safi, a name hidden among the detective fiction story writes of the world. The stories in the Urdu language, written by Ibne Safi, are now going to surface with the upcoming series Jasoosi Duniya translated into English.

Safi's best known books in his days were the Jasoosi Duniya, a novel of 125 series, published from 1952-1979 and Imran Series which has 120 episodes. His writings have a blend of suspense, mystery, violence, adventure, comedy and romance. His books were popularly read all across South Asia and are comparable to those by Agatha Christie who herself commented that though she did not know Urdu but aware of the detective novels available in the sub-continent she knew of Ibne Safi as the only original such story writer. The crime and detective stories in Jasoosi Duniya and Imran Series made him famous.

Ibne Safi was born in Allahabad, India, in 1928 as Asrar Ahmad. He began writing at a very small age. He wrote in the 1940s while in India but in early 1952, he migrated to Pakistan after finishing his education and wrote the rest of his books from there. He started the Asrar Publications in Pakistan from where he simultaneously published Jasoosi Duniya in both Pakistan and India. He died in the year 1980.

The translation for four of the series has been done by a scholar of Urdu by the name of Shamsur Rahman Faruqi and according to him the translation was both easy as well as difficult; the translation itself was easy because Ibne Safi's style of writing was simple but the frequent humour in Urdu used by the author was difficult considering the culture of the times; it, therefore, was a challenge for Faruqi to translate as he basically wanted the language to be proper. Ahmad Safi, the son of Ibne Safi has truly appreciated the translation and hoped the effort put into it would bring people who will see Ibne Safi's work through the series, closer to the author and help bring his work to the forefront. The series have been released by Ahmad Safi under four titles, Smokewater, Poisoned Arrow, Doctor Dread and The Laughing Corpse. These are being brought out by Westland and Blatt Publications.

Gautam Padmanabhan, the CEO of Westland, says that the author continues to attract a large number of fans among the Urdu reading public and the translated series will spread his work to a wider audience throughout the country. The co-publishing agreement of Westland with Blatt has made it possible to bring the series to the forefront. Rakesh Khanna, the founder cum editor of Blatt said that because he had previously done a pulp fiction of a Tamil anthology which became a success, he thought of doing the same for detective fiction which has been written in other languages. They will first see the success of the four series; if they are successful, then they will go ahead with the translation of the other titles of the series



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