Ibne Safi conjured up such fantastical characters from his imagination that they went on to become legends. Apart from Faridi, Hameed, Imran he created many Villains in various novels who will always be remembered be it Dr. Narang of Laashoan Ka Abshaar, Hakeem Arsalanos of Shahi Naqqaarah, or Alphonsay and Daaktar du'A-goe of the Imran Series. Here we discover more about some of those villains who appear in more than one novel.


Gerald Shashtri

Although a foreigner, Gerald Shashtri is a scholar of Sanskrit and an expert in Astrology and Hindu Philosophy. Apart from these apparent qualities, he is great scientist who invents a process to transform men into huge gorillas in Jungle Ki Aag. He plans to rule the world with the help of his scientific achievements. Although Faridi manages to break his mob, he escapes and returns back in Maut Ki Chataan.


Sing Hee

He is the most genius and treacherous villain who appears both in Jasoosi Duniya and Imran Series. Sing was born to a Chinese father and Mongolian mother, and is forced to leave his country after a failed coup d’etat. Since then he has moved from country to country, trying to avail all opportunities to display his criminal, lustful, and avaricious nature. He is very thin in appearance with a visibly weak physique, but is actually very strong. He is famous, among those who somewhat know him, as “jonk” (leech) because of his ability to clench his enemy, leading to their suffocation and unconsciousness.

He first appears in Neeli Lakeer. He is a colleague of archeologist Arthur, who discovers the body of an ancient princess buried in the snows of mountain Alpom. A silver sheet is wrapped around the neck of the body, with some scriptures indicating a hidden treasure. He once mocks Faridi and gets slapped so hard by the other man that he stumbles several steps across the room. Instead of displaying his rage instantly, he shrugs it off by saying that many bums have slapped him, but it is an honor to have been smacked by such a reputable celebrity as Faridi. It is quite obvious that he keeps his anger confined, fueling his hatred and vengeance for a more suitable event. Such is his control over his emotions, making him even more dangerous. Faridi gets back the silver sheet to return to the government of Chile but Sing Hee manages to escape and then steals the sheet from the custody of the government in Khooni Bagoolay and travels to South America in quest of the treasure. Faridi follows him up to “Taareek Vadi” (Black Valley) but at the last moment Sing Hee escapes by jumping into a cave. Sing Hee’s next appearance is in Lashoan Ka Bazaar in Imran Series. Faridi has further encounters with him in Raushan Hayoola, Zard Fitnaa and Zehreela Sayaarah

Imran first meets Sing Hee in London, in Lashoan Ka Bazaar, where Imran is conducting research in criminology. A criminal named McLawrence has terrorized the city. Imran tries to investigate the situation, and comes across Sing Hee. Sing had devised a technique by which he is able to dodge any bullets fired on him by judging the hand movements of the assailant, and moving swiftly. Sing Hee performs it in front of Imran once, and Imran asks him to do it again. That is enough for Imran to grasp the technique involved. Then Imran surprises Sing Hee by challenging him to shoot at him; Sing Hee cannot believe his eyes when he is unable to shoot Imran. Despite the fact that both characters are bloodthirsty for each other, the evil con man declares Imran to be his rightful nephew in the cunning art.

Their next meeting takes place in Joank Ki  Wapsee. Now Sing is working for Zeroland. This story line continues in Zehreeli Tasweer and Baebaakon Ki Talaash. Sing Hee is unable to kill Imran, because Zeroland requires that Imran remain alive. Sing Hee is the major villain in many other novels such as Seh Rangee Maut, Muta-Harrik Dhaariyaan, Joank Aur Naagan, Halaakat Khaez, Zebra Maen, and Jangal Ki Sheheriyat.


Dr. Salman

Dr. Salman is a psychologist by profession, and head of “Public Relations Bureau,” an organization that claims to help people combat their enemies by using psychological techniques. In reality though, he is the head of the most powerful mob “Taaqat” (Force), a group that is trying to bring revolution in the country. He is the villain of Ibne Safi’s best Shoalaa stories comprising of Pehla Shoalaa, Doosra Shoalaa, Teesra Shoalaa, and Jahannam Ka Shoalaa. With the help of his psychological techniques and strange inventions, he has created a new world underneath the earth. Breaking up Dr. Salman’s mob is perhaps the most difficult task that Faridi faces in Jasoosi Duniya.  


Dr. Dread

Dr. Dread in a dangerous international criminal. He once kills three American senators in a private gathering. He is an expert on poisons. He appears as a blackmailer in Faridi’s country in another sub-series comprising of Zehreelay Teer, Paanee Ka Dhuwaan, Laash Ka Qehqahaa, and Daaktar Dred.



Finch is another villain of the Dr. Dread series. Finch was initially a circus man, a midget at only four and half feet. Still, he manages to extend his height to normal by using bamboos. He used to raise an orphan girl, but one night Dr. Dread’s mob kidnaps her. The next day her dead body is found on the streets. From that day on, Finch becomes a criminal, creating his own gang to take revenge on Dr. Dread. Readers usually sympathize with Finch in his fight against Dr. Dread. While Faridi manages to break Dr. Dread’s mob, Finch escapes. He later reappears in Chamkeela Ghubaar and Zehreela Sayaarah.



Nanota is an agent of Zeroland. In Chandnee Ka Dhua’n, she is in-charge of a mission that is exploring a rare fuel, with plans of stealing it from the earth. This substance is thousand times lighter than normal gasoline, and can be used for space travel. Her beauty is so exquisite that Artist Jeelani’s painting of her face wins the first award at "International Art Exhibition". Ibne Safi has developed Nanota’s character in such a magical way that readers are puzzled, initially believing her to be some sort of spirit or otherworldly being. However, in the end she emerges as a human being, narrowly escaping Faridi’s grip. She appears again after many years in Tabaahee Ka Khwaab and Muhlik Shanaasa’ee.


Qalandar Bayabani

Qalandar Bayabani is ironically a spy storywriter. He dictates novels to his secretary on a microphone from his closed office. This façade of his is initially developed in Saatwaan Jazeerah. However, it is revealed in Shaitaanee Jheel that he is actually a smuggler whose gang steals five tons of gold. When naval police try chasing them down, he hides the gold in a lake; then starts scheming to get it back. In the end, he manages to dodge Faridi. He reappears in Sehmee Hu’ee Larkee and Qatil Ka Haath. This time, however, he is unable to escape Faridi’s grip.


Theresia Bumble-Bee of Bohemia

Ibne Safi has written many novels based around the character of Theresia. She is a very smart lady who represents Zeroland. She has the ability to change her expressions in such a manner that it becomes almost impossible to recognize her. She is very impressed with Imran’s personality. She first appears in Kaalay Charaagh. She apperas in many other novels such as; Khoon Kay Piyaasay, Alphansay, Darandoan Ki Basti, Piyaasa Samandar, Seh Rangee Maut, Mutaharrik Dhaariyaan, Joank Aur Naagan, Halaakat Khaez, Zebra Maen, Jangal Ki Sheheriyat, Zulmat Ak Devta.


Humbug the Great

Humbug the Great is an international criminal. He has a hump on his back. He plays various roles simultaneously. Sometimes he is found in a third-rate bar flirting with the old and ugly barmaid. At the same time, he also appears as the husband of a beautiful woman, the Rani of Sajid Nagar. He is a foreign spy, who plans to start a revolution in Imran’s country. Ibne Safi had written the first two novels of this storyline, Dilchasp Hadisaa and Bay-Awaaz Sayyarah, when he fell sick for three years. The third and final of the Humbug series, Daerh Matwaalay, was written after his recovery.


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