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This page is dedicated to Ibne Safi’s fans. Please send your any suggestions, criticisms, or other feedback you have about this website. We will be pleased to publish your comments on this page.

 Email: admin@ibnesafi.info


Dr. Ahmad Safi (Son of Ibne Safi), Karachi

Indeed you surprised us all with such a great web site (www.ibnesafi.info). I would request you to launch it. I would also like to offer our services for this. Maybe wherever needed we could later supply you with Urdu text translation so that you could plug it in on appropriate pages. Your love is evident from the efforts you have put in and no one could ever stop you from publishing this. You do have our (the family's) permission!

Our thanks to you and our prayers too.



Sohail Akhtar, Toronto Canada (Jan 2, 2006)

Dear brother Hanif, Assalamoalekum.

It's a wonderful, good details, very knowledgeable, very interesting writing about "Ibne Safi". The missing things are his favorites & habits, like he was fond of "Paan". You should make CD of your work; I'll be the first customer.


Ziad Mahmood (Jan 1, 2006)

I must congratulate you for reviving one of the most creative and contributing writers in Urdu fiction.


Syed Mohsin Naquvi, Princeton USA (Dec 31, 2005)

Hanif Saheb,

Excellent work.

But, I am sure, there is a lot more than go on to this website.

I must say, it was the need of the times.

Thank you.


Munir Saami, Toronto Canada (Dec 31, 2005)

Hello Hanif Sahib,

Please accept my felicitation on a very good and valuable effort. I have added it to the Forum's links section.



Aqeel Abbas Jafri, Karachi (Dec 28, 2005)

This website is full of information. I want to inform you that in 1995 Mr. Khurshid Ahmed Wattoo has secured M.Phill degree on writing a thesis on "Ibn-e-Safi ki adabi khidmat". As for as I know, this thesis has not been published yet. Fortunately I have a copy of this thesis in my personal library. When this thesis was written, Mr. Khurshid Ahmed Wattoo was a lecturer in the Urdu department of Government College, Bhawalnagar. I do not know his current whereabouts.

In New Delhi editor of Urdu Book Review Mr. Arif Iqbal is also doing research work on Ibne Safi.



Ehsan Ahrari (27 Dec 2005)

An excellent website. I grew up reading Ibn-e-Safi in India. Your website and pictures brought back memories of my youth! Hope you get a chance to have his collection of poetry published. If there is such a move, please drop me a line. Regards.


Hassan, Copenhagen Denmark (22 Nov 2005)

I just want to make the inquiry, whether or not you plan to upload e-novels on the great website. And if yes, when? I suggest if you can arrange to upload all or some novels, be them paid or with subscription; it will be definitely a great gift for the fans living outside Pakistan. I am looking forward to it.... Warm Regards

(Your suggestions are really worth considering however the copyright of Ibne Safi's novels is with his family. I have discussed the issue of availability of printed copies to overseas. There is a plan to start a commercial website for online purchasing of novels. May be at that time e-novels subscription can also be considered.)


Khan Sahab (21 Nov 2005)

I love the element of mystery in the presentation of this website. The pictures, choice of colors, old photographs, detailed information ... all of that takes me back quite a few years when I first started reading Ibn-e-Safi and was getting tremendously excited after reading each novel. I think Hanif Sahab has paid a very sincere tribute that our great Ibn-e-Safi has been long overdue for.

I am anxiously waiting for the "Titles" and "Pictorial" updates. I would love to see those early titles. My suggestion is to post whatever is available for now and keep updating these sections as material continues to come in. Also, once each section is updated, put a small flashing "updated" sign by it for a week so people know there is something new in that section.

Again, this very commendable effort by Hanif Sahab is very appreciated!


Shaikh Azizur Rahman, Kuwait (19 Nov 2005)

I am speechless! Having gone through the entire site I can only say that you have done a great service to Urdu literature by putting together such wealth of information about this great writer. I can not think of anything that is missing or could be added to whatever you have already compiled and put together. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation and congratulations on this achievement.

So far as I am concerned, I have read some Ibne Safi. I have not read most of his works but would like to read them. Please help me find these. I wonder if they are generally available at bookshops in Kuwait. I am sure they will be available at Karachi.

Among his immortal characters I found that I liked Imran and Qasim most. Of course Col Faridi and Hameed from Jasoosi Duniya and Juliana Fitzwater from Imran Series also made an impression on me. You must understand that I read whatever I did of him was about 40 years ago. So of course whatever I read now will be like new.

Thanks very much for sharing such wonderful information.


Abdul Rehman Murad, Mississauga Canada (17 Nov 2005)

Yes, I am fan of Ibne Safi. Good try. I surf the site briefly and like it. I will forward this link to one of my friend, who is a poet, named Rashid Siddiqui. He has lots of Ibne Safi's books. Good work, keep it up. Thanks and Wassalam


Mohammad Sohail (18 Nov 2005)

I have been an ardent reader of Ibn-e-Safi Imran Series and Jasoosi Duniya. Is there a way I can purchase complete set of Jasoosi Duniya and Imran Series from somewhere. Will appreciate if you can guide me in this respect. Thanks

(Please check FAQ Section for further details)


Sohail Butt, Kuwait (16 Nov 2005)

Extremely informative website. The links are excellent. I need to spend more time on this and have included this in my favourites.


Aamir Ahmed (15 Nov 2005)

I must say you did a bang-up job by creating a Ibne Safi site. Two thumbs up!!! You have put lots of efforts and time on this site.

Huge Ibne Safi fan…..Aamir


Zafar Hossain Jafri, Kuwait  (14 Nov 2005)

I must say it is a great work, great service, should have been done by someone a long time back…….Mabrook! All of us who started our reading owe a great deal to Ibne Safi. Your efforts are highly commendable and will be appreciated. Regards.


Aamir Hasan, Kuwait  (13 November 2005)

Thank you for sharing this useful information with me. I remember having read Ibn-e-Safi during my school and college days. Actually, one of my aunts had a great collection of his novels and during my vacations I used to visit her house. I read many of his novels during my stay at her house. No doubt he was a great mystery writer. You have put in a lot of effort in designing this website which is a befitting tribute to the legend. Keep up your good work.


Dr. Mohammed Saleem, Kuwait  (12 Nov 2005)

I must say you have done a great job for a great person, like Ibne Safi. He was a great Spy writer as well as a very witty and humourus person. During his peak period, many people tried to copy him using names such as An Safi, Eiban Safi, etc.  Thanks for a very interesting Website. Take care.


Hasnain Akhtar, Toronto Canada  (11 Nov 2005)

This is one of the nicest websites I have seen as literary as it can be. Off course his writings have touched many people and created a sense of suspense, it is also important to note that he had no comparable writers at that time (not in indo-pak). I will keep looking at it until I have reviewed it all. Thank you!!


Nadeem Sheikh, Lahore (09 Nov 2005)

BRAVO. You have really done justice to your hero. Ibn Safi is fortunate to have an ardent fan like you. I will try to pass on this site to his other fans since they are spread all over the world.


Muhammad Ashraf, Kuwait (09 Nov 2005)

Our good friend and our own Internet guru, Mohammad Hanif, has done it again! Now that he is done with setting up the websites for the Pakistani Embassy, KPFA and PBF, and perhaps a few other community orgs, he has made one for Ibne Safi, his favourite writer of his youth days in Hyderabad. Surf it and see for yourself how good it is. If you are old enough to remember the times of Ibne Safi and have read his much-anticipated monthly novels at the time, you will surely enjoy the art work of our friend.


Sara  (09 Nov 2005)

i dont even have words to express my pleasure and gratitude... kafi arsay say is website ki zaroorat thi....Sherlock Holmes/Doyle, Agatha Christie etc ki websites daikh ker apnay great writer ki website ki kami mehsoos hoti thi.... aur ab yeh website daikh ker appreciation kliay alfaaz hee nahin mill rehay ... is liay bus itna hee keh paoon gee keh Excellent job!!!

waisay ik suggession hai....Ibne Safi k paishras bhi classic hotay thay, to ager ho sakay to please unkay paishras ka bhi ik setion bana dijiay....i hope keh aap consider zaroor kerain gay. Allah Hafiz

(Your suggestion will be implemented in due course of time.)


Mohammad Shamim Mozaffar, Kuwait (07 Nov 2005)

It is a tribute richly deserved by outstanding Ibn-e-Safi. We really became orphans in a way. With his death famous characters of Faridee, Hameed and Imran also died. What a treat it was to read his novels. Alas, it is not possible now-gone for ever. I cannot tell you how eagerly we (our entire family of brothers, sisters and cousins)used to wait for Ibn-e-Safi's Jasoosi Dunia or Imran Series each month and that continued for years.

The website is very nicely made and arranged by you. Congratulations.


 Tab Shoeb, Australia (06 Nov 2005)

Its great effort by you to have setup this site.

I have a couple of suggestions:

1) If you could explore the possibility for your website address to be displayed in google (within first few displayed addresses) when searched on phrase "ďbnesafi".

2) If you could coordinate with Ibnesafi's family or the relevant publication to make purchase of Ibnesafi novels easier, particularly in India, and generally worldwide. I even got in touch with Asrar Publications, Lahore on the phone no. published on this site but they advised that they'll not be able to make arrangements to courier the books, although I was willing to make the whole payment beforehand. It is sad that I do not have access to the novels in spite of trying so much. It will be great if novels could at least be made available in India..

(We will try to resolve this issue.)


Safi Fan  (06 Nov 2005)

I have been writing articles on Ibn-e-Safi's characters. Some of my articles include commentaries on characters of Faridi, Hameed, Qasim, and Sing Hee at Wikipedia.com. I am attaching the commentary on Sing Hee here. I intended to write more but I think your website covers most of them. Anyways, consider the following article and post it to your website if found interesting.

(Your contribution on Sing Hee is included with thanks. Wikipedia.com was a great help and their reference is included in the Credits section of this Website.)


Khan_Bhai_Sahab  (06 Nov 2005)

This is a wonderful effort that you have made. I have been thinking about it for a while and started some work but never completed it. You have brought my dream to life. I would love to contribute if you think you still need contribution. Again, fantastic work!

(Please do not hesitate to send your contribution that will be an asset for this Website.)


Muhammad Ameen, Karachi  (05 Nov 2005)

Aap nay buhut bara kaam kia hay sir. Ibn-e-Safi sahib ki Official website arsay say internet per na dastiyab thi....Bus ARCHIVE.COM per wo mehfooz thi....Laikin uska address itna lamba hua kerta hay k aik dafa' bhoolnay k ba'd yaad nahin aasakta. Ibn-e-Safi sahib ki Website ko dubara say zinda kerna laaiq-e-tehseen hay Aur hum sub aap k Shukr guzaar hain. Isaar Sahib k inteqal ka perh ker buhut afsos hua...Allaah unhain Ghareeq-e-Rahmat karay aur Ahl-e-Khana ko sabr ki naimat ata fermaey...Aur us sabr per Ajr-e-Azeem ata fermaey..!! Waqaiii Ibn-e-Safi ki kia ta'reef ki jaey....Wo to khud fermaatay hain na....k: " Main bay shak bari khoobsoorat Almaarion ki zeenat nahin bun saka...Laikin meray novels aapko Bedsheets k neechay, takion k neechay zaroor milaingay....Yahi meri kaamyabi aur yahi meray liye sub say bara AWARD hay...." Bay shak....Barr-e-Sagheer k Urdu adab ka SUB SAY BARA aur Asia k JASOOSI adab ka Pehla aur aakhri aadmi ka khitab un k ilawa kisi ko zaib nain deta!!   Ma'assalaam.


Dr. Zafar Sheikh, Kuwait (05 Nov 2005)

I must congratulate you on creating a masterpiece. Soul of late Ibne Safi must be feeling very happy in havens. Unfortunately I did not read him that well as it was considered to be a waste of time by my strict parents. May be I will read him now. Regards.


Marghoob Jamil, Kuwait (05 Nov 2005)

This is a great venue for all the IBNE-SAFI fans. I did not know that you were such a great fan of his. I have just quickly browsed through it and it is a remarkable tribute to the GREAT ONE who has no parallel in Mystery thriller writing. I will definitely go through it in detail and see how I can contribute to this effort of yours for the benefit of all his fans.


Nazakat Ali, Hyderabad Pakistan (05 Nov 2005)

Thank you very much for intimation. First thing I shall do after this is to brows this website. How can one forget this great writer who introduce an incomparable taste in the world of fiction.



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