Membership Eligibility

Membership of PBF will generally be limited to Pakistanis and people of Pakistan origin who are resident in Kuwait. In the interest of PBF and its objectives, this rule can be relaxed by the Management Committee to allow other individuals to become Members. Such Members cannot become Members of the MC.

A new member can be inducted only after an application has been proposed and seconded by an existing Member, and approved by the MC. The approval or rejection of such proposal by the MC shall be final.

Membership Criteria

  • Professionals and Business owners
  • Committed members who want to help the Pakistan cause
  • Project a positive and professional image of Pakistanis
  • Ability to improve business ties between the two countries
  • Willing to participate in meetings & discussion forums


A member must pay an induction fee and annual membership dues to be entitled to participate in the affairs of the PBF as laid down in this charter.

The induction fee to join PBF shall be KD 25.

The annual subscription will be KD 25 and shall be payable within the first month of each fiscal year which starts from 1st of September. New Members joining during the second half of a fiscal year shall pay a subscription of KD 15 for that fiscal year.

Membership Form

List of PBF Members