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Jasoosi Duniya


Anwar and Rasheeda

Anwar and Rasheeda’s characters were introduced while Faridi and Hameed were away on vacation, touring Europe after solving the case of Vilman’s Mechanical Windstorm in Mot Ki Aandh. Ibne Safi wrote five consecutive novels on Anwar and Rasheeda – Heeray Ki Kaan, Tijoari Ka Geet, Aatishee Paranda, Khooni Patthar, and Bhayanak Jazeera. In the fifth novel, Faridi and Hameed return back from their vacation and work together with Anwar and Rasheeda.

Anwar is a crime reporter in the daily The Star. He belongs to a very respectable rich family but, due to some differences of opinion, he lives alone. Anwar is a genius, and works as a private investigator. He plays it smart and keeps himself away from the police. Inspector Asif is always asking for his help; however, as Anwar knows a lot about Asif’s illegal tactics, he blackmails the Inspector just to get free dinners or cover other expenses. In spite of his own intelligence, he respects Faridi and considers him as his Guru. Faridi obtains unofficial help from Anwar and Rasheeda in many cases.

Rasheeda, lives in apartment next to Anwar’s, and is his colleague and only friend. Anwar is always in debt with Rasheeda because of his heavy spending especially on cigarettes, books, and dining out. Theirs is a love hate relationship. Rasheeda is a courageous young woman who can fight bravely against the criminals. Her character is portrayed in a very mysterious manner, until her actual identity is revealed in Bhayanak Jazeera. Readers discover that she is the crown princess of a secret place called “Baron Island,” raised outside her state because of the risk to her life from opponents. However, for the sake of Anwar, she does not accept the crown. Withdrawing herself in favour of another girl, she returns back.



Qasim is the only son of Khan Bahadur Asim, an industrialist and owner of Asim Textiles. Qasim is first introduced in Burf Kay Bhoot. Hameed meets Qasim for the first time in Zahreela Aadmi, when he finds Qasim lifting a motorcycle rider along with his motorcycle and moving both from one side of the street to the other. Hameed finds Qasim very entertaining, and since then they have never separated.

Qasim's character provides comic relief in Jasoosi Duniya. Whereas Hameed’s sense of humor is more mature, Qasim’s is the opposite. In other words, he is simplistic, childish, and spontaneous. He has been married to a cute smart woman, but they never get along due to differences of opinion. Qasim deserves the readers’ sympathy, for he has never received the freedom every adult needs, leading a suppressed life before and after marriage. His speech irregularities are probably a result of his suppressed upbringing as well. Qasim frequently switches around some Urdu letters while speaking. On the other hand, he seems to be cheating on his wife, coming off as extremely unintelligent on occasion. Qasim's hunger is also unimaginable. He can finish several goat legs and whole chickens in one go. It is these mixed attributes and the spontaneity of his character that provide the comic relief in Jasoosi Duniya.



Neelam’s character is introduced in Toofaan Ka Aghwaa. Her father, a smuggler, was killed by one of his fellow gangsters. The same murderer also kills her mother when Neelam is only one year old. She still remembers that rainy night when she was crying beside her mother’s dead body on a street. She has a strong urge to get revenge for her parents’ killing, which she is able to achieve. She has been raised by the leader of the smuggler’s gang. In spite of living with criminals, she keeps herself away from crime and wants to get rid of their circle. When Faridi and Hameed search for the smugglers, she finally gets her chance, helping them break up the gang. Faridi then adopts her as a child. She usually calls Faridi ‘Uncle’ and Hameed ‘Baba’ (father). Initially, she assists Faridi in Ra’ifal Ka Naghmaa, but is then sent abroad for higher studies in Criminology. She returns back in Neelam Ki Waapsi.



Inspector Asif’s first appearance is in Heeray Ki Kaan, with Anwar and Rasheeda. He is a very senior official, but due to his inability to produce results, he is never promoted. He is extremely jealous of Faridi because of his success and reputation. Faridi, however, respects him as a senior member of the department. 



Sub-Inspector Jagdesh is first introduced in Aurat Farosh Ka Qatil. He respects Faridi, and in return Faridi helps him solve many cases. He is promoted and placed in charge of the Central Police Station. 


Rekha Larson

Inspector Rekha Larson is first introduced in Surkh Da’irah. She is a junior and very ambitious officer struggling to achieve excellence in her career. She tries to attach herself to Faridi; but Faridi, being allergic to women, keeps himself away from her, and is even harsh with her on many an occasion. On the other hand, Hameed tries to flirt with Rekha but she always keeps him at a distance. Despite this, Hameed manages to fool around with her either on his own or with the help of Qasim.        


Hameed’s Baghra Khan

The goat first appears in Andhaeray Ka Shehenshah. Hameed takes him to various places with him, such as restaurants and clubs. The goat wears a hat, and a tie around the neck. Hameed insists that he be allowed entrance to any place where dogs are allowed. However, it is clear that a goat cannot be as smart as a dog, so sometimes the goat ends up destroying furniture. Faridi is constantly annoyed with Hameed’s goat.


Hameed’s Mouse

The mouse first appears in Khatarnaak Dushman. Hameed has trained her in such a way that she dances when he whistles. She has tiny bells wrapped around her legs that chime when she dances. Hameed loses the mouse in the underground world of Gerald Shashtri in Jungle Ki Aag, but is reunited with her in Maut Ki Chataan, when the mouse manages to reveal the identity of the traitor.


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