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Dr. Virendra P. Singh, Silchar India (August 6, 2007)

Dear Friend,

I feel great pleasure after surfing contents of your website. I belong to Meerut city (U.P., India). I read almost all the novels in Hindi version of "Jasoosy Duniya" published from Allahabad during my school and early college days. In his novels (in Hindi) Col. Vinod and Captain Hamid, Kasim were the main characters and this series was popularly known as Vinod- Hamid series. In Hindi version of Imran series Imran was characterised as "Rajesh" and the series was known as "Rajesh series". Both the series were very popular among Hindi readers to the extent that a number of writers particularly published from Meerut (U.P.) have adopted not only the characters of Ibn-e-safi's Hindi series but also copied the format set by him. For example, H. Iqbal followed same set of characters of Imran series in his novels. Ved Prakash Kamboj followed the same format (of Imran) in his Vijay-Raghunath series novels and became very popular among Hindi readers. Om Prakash Sharma also based his novels on a character named Rajesh. Untimely death of Ibn-e-safi created a big gap emerged in the world of detective novels. The style of investigation of Col. Vinod (Hindi version of Col. Faridi) was very impressive. His (Col. Vinods's) personal character, strong determination had a deep influence on the reader's thinking and personality system in contrast to Hamid. It helped in shaping strong personality of the readers of his novels. Later on many Hindi writers followed his style and characters but could not be very successful. Jasoosy Duniya" started to republish his early novels after his death. But as most of his novels were already read by the readers (of that time) it could not attract the reader much because most of the reader were not aware about the untimely death of the author and were looking forward for new novels. I Observed this trend for few years. I do not know the current status of the Hindi version of Jasoosi Duniya, but I feel that all the novels written by Ibn-e-safi are uncomparable. I am fully agree with many other readers of his novels that in the history of detective novels in Indian sub-continent if beginning was made by Babu Devki Nandan Khatri in 19th century. It was Ibn-e-safi who set the beat of detective novels in the second half of the 20th century in Indian subcontinent. His contributions are not just confined only to urdu literature but he was having almost equal number of readers of Hindi versions of his novels. But unfortunately his work has not been taken into account in the literary world of the sub continent as reading of Jasoosy novels was not appreciated by the elders at that time. I hope that there is a need to make available e-version of his novels so that proper research work can be done on his historic contributions in the field of literary world. I personally congratulate you for such a wonderful website on Ibn-e-safi one of my favorite writers even today. I am including your website in my favorites. Thanking you,

Dr. V. P. Singh

Reader, Department of Sociology, Assam University


Muhammad Arif, Hyderabad Pakistan (July 15, 2007)

This website is really the great tribute to the great writer from the great and sincere fan Muhammad Hanif. This is homage to a writer who made the building of laughter sitting in the flames and produced humor in such detective world of novels, which was not seen in Urdu previously. He kept writing for providing entertainment to tired minds and broken souls.

Ibne Safi's writing wasnít just a writing for fun or not only to fulfill his financial needs but he wrote for a sacred cause; to keep the Urdu readers away from the novels or stories that are pregnant with vulgarity and obscenity.

He was totally successful in his mission the purpose of writing he chose to save the Urdu readers from the flood of vulnerability in the writings of so-called commercial writers. He diverted the readersí attention to his detective novels, which was a better alternative.

In a literary sitting Ibne Safi was keyed up by an old man who passed remarks that in Urdu language only seductive stories can get the appreciation of readers (this was true at that time also agreed by Ibne Safi) but he was against this opinion and accepted this challenge to provide a better alternative to Urdu readers which can attract them. So he started writing detective novels, which was very successful.

I thank to the old man in the literary sitting who pinned Ibne Safi, this is the turning point what made Asrar Ahmed the famous Ibne Safi and using his talent he did proactively that his name is still alive not only in Urdu literature but in the world detective literature.


Saad Ahmed, Karachi Pakistan (June 22, 2007)

Dear Mr Hanif,

I must admit that I stumbled upon your site, courtesy wikipedia.com, while trying to look up Urdu literature. Although Wikipedia was informative, it is nothing compared to what you have produced. You deserve the best compliments for accomplishing the task that you took upon yourself.

I don't claim to have read all of his works, not even most of his works, maybe a few, but having gone through your site has rekindled my affection for this great proponent of Urdu thrillers. I am from a generation that has grown up more with The Famous Five, The Secret Seven and The Hardy Boys than with Faridi or Imran, nevertheless I was, and still am, a great fan of Ibne Safi.

What I suggest is to include in the website, a section dedicated to condemn plagiarists of the great Maestro. I understand that it might not appeal to your aesthetics or values; I just want you to know how I feel about it. I am sure there will be many others who share my view.

Once again, please accept my best compliments for your achievement, for it is by no means, a small one. May Allah be with you.



Hafsa Amin, India (June 20, 2007)

Assalamo Alaykum,

I am Hafsa Amin. I belong to India. I am a big fan of Ibne Safi's books and I want to read all books of Hameed/Faridi series. I have just few books of this series. But now, as you know the books are not available in the stores. Sometimes ago, I lost the hope that I will read anymore due to lack of books but one of my friends told me about your site and now, again I am expecting. So, please tell from where I can get the novels? I want them from beginning that was "Thandi Aag".

Itís really most appreciating work that you are doing for that great man" IBN-E-SAFI". It will be very glad for us if you provide the Ibne Safi's books online. Because there are many other people who wants to read Ibne Safi's books but that are not available for them.

Thank you


Anupam Sinha, New Delhi India (June 18, 2007)

I have come across some novels of Ibne Safi, which were printed in Hindi (not translated just using the Hindi script). Do you have any idea if there is still a copyright holder of his work in India? Does any publisher have the copy rights of Jasoosi Duniya? I think that a great writer like Ibne Safi needs to be introduced to the new generation as well. For me reading about Hamid and Kasim were better than James Bond himself. They belonged to us. Unfortunately I do not know how to read Urdu. My father can read Urdu and he has a few books of Ibne Safi in Urdu still left with him (old prints from 1950s and 1960s). He also had a few of his books in Hindi but unfortunately they are no longer with him. Your answer to my mail is much appreciated and it just goes out to show with all the boundaries between us ... we are still brothers at heart... in love with the same stories by the leading light of Detective literature - Ibne Safi.

Warm Regards,



Dr. Christina Oesterheld, Heidelberg Germany (May 29, 2007)

Dear Mr. Hanif,

It is a great pleasure to hear from you! In fact I mentioned your website in my presentation as one of the best, if not the best, source of information on Ibne Safi. The URL is also given in the list of references. The article will be published in Sahitya Akademi's periodical "Indian Literature" as soon as I send them the revised version.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

Christina Oesterheld                                                                                        Department of Modern South Asian Studies (Languages and Literatures)                  South Asia Institute                                                                                            University of Heidelberg                                                                                                Germany



Ali Khan, United Kingdom (May 25, 2007)

Just wanted to say thank for creating this site, brought back memories of my childhood.

Keep it up and if at all possible make the novels available online.

Thank you


Mehdi Ali Khan, (May 14 2007)

Dear Mr. Hanif:

It gave me so much pleasure to see your very informative website on our favourite writer Ibne Safi. I would really like to know about you as well. Are you a dedicated fan like me (or even better, obviously) or related to Asrar Ahmed in some way?

I also want to tell you that many of the pages on your website don't show up accurately, although I am using high speed DSL to access it.

Hope we'll stay in touch and share to make this site better and help it sustain. I do want Ibne Safi to stay at web longer this time.

Many regards,


Rashid Ashraf , Karachi Pakistan (May 08, 2007)

I wrote an article in 1995 in magazine Nae-ufaq on Ibne Safi titled "Qalam ka Qarz". It was a 10-page article, which was commended by Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi. My article was published as a lead/cover story in that issue.

Then I received a lot of comments in letters to editor section in subsequent issues of the magazine. One lady wrote from Rawalpindi that she got tears in her eyes while reading that article. All those comments are worth for me. I got another letter from Hyderabad, India. My article is regarding a boy who is fond of reading Safi sahib but indulged in passion of Safi sahib after 13 years of his death (in fact it was me) and offered others to read him. I want you to add that on your prestigious website.


Yousuf Saeed, Delhi India (May 3, 2007)

Dear Mohammad Hanif

I hope I have got the name right. I saw your website/blog on Ibne-Safi, and was very fascinated with the material. I have been a regular reader of jasoosi novels myself and maybe we will discuss the details later. But at present I wanted to let you know that your collection of novel covers is quite archival. I am part of a group that is trying to make a digital archive south Asia's popular culture especially printed images of 20th century. I would like you to visit our site called Tasveer Ghar and see if you would like to contribute something out of your collection to our archive. It would be really great to work together.



Zainul Abedeen, Karachi Pakistan (Apr 18, 2007)

I have gone through your nice and kind efforts to illuminate our great writer Mohattarram Ibne Safi. At this juncture I donít have the proper words except to appreciate what you have done so far and pray that God give you strength to continue it further and ever.

Although its not an easy task but as you know that Mohattarram made one film 'DHAMAKA'. If my memory is not wrong, I last time saw this film in Dec. 1978 and afterwards never witness it to any cinema house. Is it possible if you make few copies of the same on DVD and can sell it to Mohattarram's fans (like me). I guess that in return to your real nice efforts the persons (like me) will not mind to purcahse it at a prime cost.

Another my suggestion is that you should make Mohattaram's fans club and I am sure that his fans will surely join you. You may have some monthly contribution from them and can arrange some evening attributing to the Mohattaram's name (after 4 or 6 months) and particularly celebrate his anniversary with the dignity he deserve.

My his soul be in eternal peace ever.


Abdul Hai, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India (Apr 03, 2007)

Assalamo Alaikum,

Really It's the brilliant and wonderful site for the lovers of Urdu's most successful Novelist. People have learnt Urdu to read the novels of Ibne Safi. This site is really a great gift for every person who wants to know any thing about Ibne Safi. I am a great fan of His Excellency king of Dhump, Founder of Zero Land Ibne Safi. I have read all novels of Ibne Safi and have all of his novels. Still I read his novels again and again.

Congratulations from my side. Khuda Aapko aapke iraadon men Kaamyab Kare.


Zishan Haider, Riyadh Saudi Arabia (Mar 27, 2007)

Dear Mr. Hanif, Salam Alekum,

Accidentally I happen to come across your website on Late Mr. Ibne Safi, it was a tremendous & exemplary work and kudos to your efforts. My name is Zishan Haider and I am the grand son of Mr. Abbas Hussainy, and working in Riyadh since 1993.

Thanks once again & Regards


Ahmed khan Ghaznavi, Makkah Mukarramah Saudi Arabia (Mar 18, 2007)

Assalaam u Alaikum

Your site is very good to know about Ibne Safi but it will be best if you upload all of his novels in this, and if you know about any link where I can download his novels for free so please send me I will be thankful to you.


Kamaal Ashrafi, Pune India (Feb 16,2007)

I am one of the fan of Asia's biggest writer Marhoom Ibne-Safi. Can I know how to purchase his all the Novels of both Jassosi Duniya and Imran Series? Hope to hear from you shortly.

With Kind Regards


Amin Muhammadi, Toronto Canada (Feb 6, 2007)

Hanif Sahib,

First of all I would like to congratulate on your GREAT WORK.

You have put together great stuff, I have been reading Ibne-e-Safi's novels since I was a child I have read his novels thousand times or may be more, but getting to know about him was great. One again Thank you.

I am an IT Consultant working in Toronto, I have done so many websites, I would like to offer my services if needed, it would be a great honour if I could help you with the website.


Rishab Garg (Oct 17, 2006)

Hello sir, I am a very big fan of Ibne Safi. I have around 200 books of his as my collection but still in search for the rest. Can u tell me any link whatsoever from where I can get his rest of the books in Hindi or in English only? I will really be thankful to you if you can do this. You have created an excellent info on Ibne Safi and I am sure all his fans like me are very happy. I will wait for your reply until I am alive on this planet.



Mishal Rashid Toronto, Canada (Oct 10, 2006)


First of all, a very, very congratulations to launch the legend of Ibne Safi website. You cannot imagine how much I am happy to see when I type Urdu website in search and click on one of the address and then opened ďIbne Safi pageĒ than I was very much surprised and screamed and my family said: what happened are you out of mindĒ than I said: I found a treasure.

This is a really treasure for me to find information about Ibne Safi in Toronto, Canada. I started these novels when I was only 14 years old and now I am 29 years old and still want to read novels. Itís very nice even I do not have words to saying how much I love these novels.

God bless you very mush and keep hard working to doing on it. My parents coming to Canada than they bring some books of Jasoosi Dunya and Imran Series and I want to make library in my home so I need more books. I took your phone number and Inshallah I will call you very soon.

Jazakum Allah, and Thank You.


Fasih uddin, Toronto Canada (Sep 20, 2006)

Dear Hanif sahib, Asslaam-o-Alaikum

My name is Fasih uddin, I live in Toronto, Canada. I saw yesterday your website about the great Sir Ibnesafi. I will say him Sir, because I have learned a lot from him.

Governments, officials or any other authorities donít give this honour to any person. It has been the voice from the heart of large numbers of people and for me Sir Ibnesafi never bothered to be recognized by any governments or officials, because he knew he would remain in the hearts of people.

Whatever I say to Sir will always be less. I love him and love all those people who are doing anything to carry one his mission in any area.

Thank you


Arshad M. K. Raja, USA (Aug 30, 2006)

I used to have a whole collection of Imran series as well as Colonel Faridi series and I was addicted to both of them. Back in high school days that addiction affected my grades and my mom got rid of all of the novels. Now I am living in US and I cant find these novels anywhere around my area to all the way up in NY. Lets see if I can get lucky and get some more of this treasure.

I am in search of Ibne Safi's Imran Series novels for a while now. Do you guys happen to know where I can purchase them? If you guys know any website from where I can download the novels that will great, that will give me instant access to the Ibne Safi's treasure, but if that cant be done then can you direct me to the website from where I can order them? I will greatly appreciate that. I want to get back to my childhood hobbies and Imran series was one of them!!)

Thank you


 Asif, Etobicoke Canada (Jul 31, 2006)

Hanif bhai, AOA

I want to congratulate you on the website of Ibne Safi, he is no doubt one of the greatest writer of all time. I live in Etobicoke,

In terms of the purchase of the books, can I do it through you, as you have given the # of Pakistani bookstore and it can be quite tedious, what do you think approximate the cost might be?



Mohammad Arif Iqbal (July 30, 2006)

Dear brother Assalamu Alaikum

Hope and pray for your good health. I saw your website on Ibne Safi. Your effort is highly commendable in this connection. Can you provide me the text of a novel entitled "Dohra Qatl"(Faridi-Hameed series)? I shall be highly obliged for your kind cooperation.

Thanking you in anticipation.


BaaZauq, Riyadh Saudi Arabia (Apr 24, 2006)


I will send a detail email later regarding start of all Ibn-e-Safi material in URDU Unicode script at a site, with the help of you and a group of mine.

Thank you & Regards


Khan Sahab (Apr 5, 2006)

Dear Hanif Sahab,

I was browsing through your excellent website and ran into "A Letter from Ibn-e-Safi" in the essays section. There I found the picture of Ibn-e-Safi that you made by using Urdu sentences/writing. That is really an amazing achievement. I would greatly appreciate if you could tell us a bit more about how you came up with the idea and how you went through the process of making that picture. I am sure others might get curious too. I would appreciate if you could add that info to your website in either Q/A section or anywhere else you find appropriate.

It is an absolute pleasure to see those historic titles. I cannot explain how much thrilled I am. Please do remember me if there is anything I can do to help out to keep this website as classic as you already have made it. I, myself, was thinking about creating website on our great author but time did not give me enough chance. But I am so extremely happy that you did it instead of me because I could never do such a fantastic job!

Again, thanks a lot!



Javed Akhtar (Mar 6, 2006)

I was wondering if you can help. I am interested in the books written by Ibne Safi under the guise of the 'Imran Series'. Is it possible to provide a comprehensive list of books written under the 'Imran Series' and where it would be possible to purchase this Collection.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter


Shariq Mustaquim, Founding Editor, Roznama Boriat Karachi (Jan 16, 2006)

Dearest Admin, Assalam o Alaikum,

I am very glad to see the site developed by you people on Ibn-e-Safi. He is my favourite writer as well. I was also planning to develop a website on ibn-e-safi. Will you allow me to use some of the stuff on your website for this purpose.

Waiting for your reply. Thanks.


Ray Girvan, Wikipedia (Jan 14, 2006)

Hello, Very nice site.

I have been helping write the Ibne Safi entry for the free encyclopedia Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibn-e-Safi). Would it be possible to use one of the photographs from your site for this page?




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