Jasoosi Duniya in English

Blaft Publications, India


Comments of a Fan


By Amin Sadruddin Bhayani, Atlanta, USA


10 June 2011





My heart was pounding like an Iron Smith's blower. That box was laid wide opened in front of me and I can see so many books of different titles and colors but my eyes won't be able to see ones, for which they were searching.

I had put both of my hands inside the box and overwhelmingly started taking out the books, one after another. The box was full of books and as to the exact number; it has 39 books.

Those five books, for which I was looking anxiously, were buried right underneath all other books. ďWhy does this happens to me all the time?Ē I asked myself, "Whenever I am looking for something that I need, always finds it last, why donít I find them right at the first place and why always I have to look for them till the end?Ē

That all started when through a Face Book friend of mine Mr. Mohammad Hanif (founder and administrator www.ibnesafi.info), tagged me in a news about English translation of Ibne Safiís spectacular Dr. Dread set from his renowned "Jasoosi Duniya" has under publication by Blaft Publication of Chennai, India in association with Tranquebar Press.

A few days later, again through Face Book, I have learned that Dr. Ahmed Safi, son of Ibne Safi was heading to New Delhi for an Inauguration Dr. Dread's set in English, translated by Shamsur Rahman Faruqui, which was planned to be held on Friday, April 22nd in New Delhi, India.

I was so excited after getting all these informations that now like Urdu and Hindi my most favorite writer Ibne Safiís work will also be available to the of readers of English language and like the name of Ibne Safi is honored because of his extra ordinary writing skills wherever reader of Urdu language are available, now he will be soon know amongst the English language readers too.

I was also very anxious to get the copies of Dr. Dread series in English, but how?

That was a million Dollars question keep circling around my mind, I had immediately started searching any way to get those Books here in America, as soon as they were being released in India.

Soon I have found the web site and the face book page of Blaft Publication and first I have send them a message through their own web site and requested that I am interest to get this set directly in U.S., didnít received any reply but after a day or two, on my inquiry posted on their face book page, I have received the following message at my post:

"Unfortunately the print editions are not yet available outside the Indian subcontinent. The books are however available in the US, Canada, Europe & Australia/New Zealand for sale as eBooks, both for the Kindle (on the Amazon store) and in EPUB format (from Lulu.com)".

When it comes to Book reading, I consider my self still an old fashioned person and like to read my book, holding it in my hands, so I can feel and smell them and I wanted to keep this first English addition in my collection so I don't want to get them as an ebooks and just interested to get them as paper Books.

Then Ahmed Safi Sahib informed me regarding the partner company of Blaft Publication in USA, Small Press Distribution (SPD Books) in Berkeley, California.

I have contacted them via email and received a quick reply in which they showed their unawareness about the publication of this set but they promised me that within few days they will let me know that when this set will be available in U.S.

I have received their reply within next few days and they told me the same thing that right now these books are just available as ebooks and it will take a little while to be released in U.S.

One of my friend Akbar here in U.S., from Mumbaiís suburbs, now was my sole hope and I told him that if possible please call back home and try to arrange somebody who can buy this set and can mail it to me here and provided him the address and phone number of Landmark Bookstores in Mumbai, which was provided to me by Blaft Publications. We also called that company from U.S., to enquire about the availability of the books and they said that they don't have any information about the books and the author.

I again sent a message to Blaft Publications at their Face Book page and informed them about it and with some more messages, almost after 2 days I have received a link for www.flipkart.com and that was the final answer to all my worries and problems.

Since Flipkart.com wasn't able to ship the books to U.S., I have decided to get them shipped to Akbar's home and they will finally ship to me here in U.S.

While searching Flipkart.com web site, I have found so many other book of Ibne Insha, Nasim Hijazi, Intizar Hussain and even one of Shamsur Rahman Faruqi's too. So I had ordered total 39 books and paid them through my credit card. They shipped all my required books to Akbar's home and finally I have received my little over 13 kg parcel on May 4, here in U.S.

Now I am busy reading Dr. Dread series in English and already finished first two books.

Inshallah, very soon I will try to introduce all other titles to the friends of Face book, which I have received from India.

Dr. Ahmad Safiís comments:

"Bhai Amin... you made the saying come true... Where there is a will, there is a way! I can understand your enthusiasm as a long time fan and lover of Ibne Safiís novels. Let me share the story of my enthusiasm here with you... When I arrived the venue of the Launching Ceremony in Delhi on the 22nd April... I was dying to get a glance of the printed versions of the four books (which I had been reviewing as word documents earlier!) There was a stall setup at the gate to the Hall where the ceremony had to be conducted. I was intercepted with the hosts and other guests who extended a very warm welcome and I was overwhelmed by all the love and respect that they showed... but my eyes were on the Book Stall... I wanted to sneak out and get there and hold the books... So I started slowly moving towards it... the people were already rushing the place and it was getting difficult to cut through the crowd and reach the stall... I then tried hard and pushed myself in, forgetting for the moment that I was the chief guest and must have behaved accordingly, but the desire to hold the books had gotten over me... I moved fast but was pushed away and elbowed out by another enthusiast who came in front in his quest to get to the books... And then I felt a hand on my shoulder... it was Shamsur Rahman Faruqui Saheb... smiling and saying "Aray miaN... isi taraH hum loag dhakkam pael kiya kartay thay novel laenay kay liyay... Join the club!" And suddenly I had this eerie feeling of History Repeating Itself... and I was a part of it... gave me goosebumps and I can safely say, Amin, I understand your passion. God bless you! (BTW later I was presented with initial four copies by Ms. Renuka Chatterji of Westland-Tata and I did not have to do the dhakkam pael!)"


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